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Water Garden Design and Principles
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Cosmic Cosmos Collection - 3 Varieties (SAVE 32%)
Included in the collection are one pack each of Cosmic Orange, Cosmic Yellow and Cosmic Red. The Cosmic series of Cosmos has great color and vigor and will thrive in any garden. The dwarf 12-15" plants have a well branched habit, compact growth andprovide masses of bright 2 inch double and semi-double blooms all summer until frost. Disease free and its tolerant of poor soil, heat and humidity, make the Cosmic varieties an excellent choice if your looking for an easy to grow "no fuss" annual.
$ 3.95          Unavailable      More Information

Japanese Rugosa Rose Collection - 3 Varieties (SAVE 47%)
Rosa rugosa is a hardy shrub rose that is native to Japan and eastern Siberia. Widely recognized for their low maintenance, pest and disease resistance, fragrant blooms and extreme hardiness. These make wonderful hedges, look great in a mixed shrub border or grow them as a specimen plant. Rosa rugosa is one of the highest rated roses by the American Rose Society. Included in this collection are Red, Rose and Pink flowered varieties.
$ 3.95          Unavailable      More Information

Malva Collection - 3 Varieties (SAVE 47%)

This listing is for three (3) lovelymalva varieties: Mauritiana, Moschata and Zebrina. These true cottage garden plants are easy to grow and self sustaining, bringing a constant supply of hibiscus-type blooms from summer to frost. Because of their height they are often planted in the background or as group in separate garden beds. Easy to grow from seed and will succeed in virtually any soil in full sun.
$ 3.95               More Information     

Amaranth Collection - 5 Varieties (SAVE 50%)
This item is for five (5) Amaranth varieties. These look great in containers or as garden specimens and their blooms make for superb cut flowers. Grow them all together for a unique and spectacular show.
$ 4.95               More Information     

Hollyhock Collection - 3 Heirloom Varieties (SAVE 34%)
No true cottage garden is complete without the prized hollyhock. Originally from China, these showy and hardy garden plants have become popular in traditional gardens all over the world. We see them everywhere in the landscape, towering clusters of flowers standing alongside barns and homes in the country and city. They are easy to grow and self sustaining, bringing much needed color late in the season. If you like hollyhocks, then you will love this collection of three (3) heirloom varieties
$ 4.95          Unavailable      More Information

Exotic Vine Collection - 3 Varieties (SAVE 34%)
Included are three (3) showy varieties: Butterfly Pea, Passion Flower & Trumpet Creeper. Vines are the unsung heroes of the landscape. They have many uses, including screens to cover fences or large brick areas on your home. They can be grown on arbors or trellises to either welcome and invite or create a focal point in the garden. They can also be combined to create a beautiful flowering display.
$ 4.95               More Information     

Convolvulus-Ensign Collection - 4 Varieties (SAVE 37%)

This item is for four (4) Convolvulus tricolor varieties. This exotic miniature Morning Glory from the Mediterranean puts on a dazzling show all summer long with lovely 1 to 2" trumpet-shaped blooms. A prolific bloomer with flowers from early summer through fall. It is a bushy, multi-branched plant with dark green foliage that quickly forms low mounds about 12" high.
$ 4.95               More Information     

Lily of the Nile - 3 Varieties (SAVE 29%)
Originating in South Africa, Agapanthus is now grown all over the world for its beautiful flowers. Commonly known as the Lily of the Nile, these tough plants are great for rock gardens, borders, containers, or mass planted. The showy flowers are fragrant and produced on stalks that rise above the evergreen foliage. Very attractive to bees, butterflies and birds. Requiring very little care, these grow well in average soil and have no major pest or disease problems.
$ 5.95          Unavailable      More Information

Castor Bean Collection - 4 Varieties (SAVE 45%)
Castor Bean plants have been grown for a long time - its seeds have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 B.C. This is one of the fastest-growing, giant annuals in the garden, rivaled only by giant sunflowers. By midsummer, you will have huge tropical plants that are impressive in groups or statuesque and appealing alone. Easy and fun to grow, this collection is for one packet each of four (4) varieties: Zanzi Palm, Gibsonii, Impala and Zanzibariensis.
$ 5.95               More Information     

Himalayan Poppy Collection - 3 Varieties (SAVE 33%)
One of the most alluring and most sought after of garden plants, the Himalayan Poppy is a uniquely lovely perennial plant that is ideally suited for the shade garden. Growing 3 to 4 feet tall and producing beautiful 3 to 4 inch silky blooms, they thrive in shade, acid soil and cool, humid conditions. This collection is for one packet each of three (3) varieties: Himalayan Blue Poppy, Himalayan White Poppy and Himalayan Poppy 'Hensol Violet'.
$ 5.95          Unavailable      More Information

 Results 1-10 of 21

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