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The Gardener's Handbook
Learn the steps to creating your dream garden + loads of gardening tips.
1001 Answers to House Plant Questions
A great reference guide on how to care for any type of houseplant.
Forceful Insecticides & Fertilizers: Home-Made Recipes
Information guide on how to grow the perfect pesticide-free lawn using natural homemade recipes.
Organic Food Gardening Beginners Manual
Step-by-step gardening manual to learn how to grow healthy, organic food - saving money and eating chemical free.
Bonsai Gardening Secrets: The Insider Secrets to Creating Beautiful Bonsai!
An easy to understand quick-start guide that'll show you how to create stunningly beautiful Bonsai.
Water Garden Design and Principles
An amazing guide for anyone wishing to develop, design and create their own backyard water garden.
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Amaranth 'Autumn's Touch' (2,000+ Seeds)
Amaranthus cruentus

This unique, bi-color amaranth produces lovely soft pastel tones of pistachio-green flowers tipped with bronze. Its large blooms last for many weeks for a dazzling display in the garden. Perfect for cutting to add texture and color for fresh or dried indoor arrangements. Autumnís Touch is a very stately plant growing to approximately 4' tall and does not require support.
$ 5.95               More Information     

Amaranth 'Early Splendor' (2000+ Seeds)
Amaranthus tricolor

Early Splendor has lovely burgundy colored foliage topped with brilliant crimson. This plant excels in heat and humidity, and provides stunning color early in the summer until frost. Growing 2-3' high, this variety looks terrific in clusters or in borders as a contrast with other foliage plants.
$ 3.95               More Information     

Amaranth 'Elephant Head' (2,000+ Seeds)
Amaranthus gangeticus

This prominent plant is named "Elephant Head" for its large, dark burgundy blooms which actually look like an elephant's trunk. Open pollinated, this stunning and unusual flower is an heirloom variety and always gets attention in your garden!
$ 7.95          Unavailable      More Information

Amaranth 'Green Tails' (2,000+ Seeds)
Amaranthus caudatus

Very similar to the old fashion Love-Lies-Bleeding plant, Green Tails is a modern version of this classic heirloom. Instead of the traditional red tassels, it has drooping lime-green tassels. The cascading green flowers and green foliage will makea beautiful backdrop in your garden beds or in containers and hanging baskets.
$ 3.95               More Information     

Amaranth 'Love-Lies-Bleeding' (2,000 + Seeds)
Amaranthus caudatus

This heirloom variety will make a beautiful statement in your garden or as a wonderful container plant. With lovely light green, thick foliage, this plant becomes loaded with deep red pendant plumes by mid-summer and blooms right to frost.
$ 3.95               More Information     

Amaranth 'Molten Fire' (2,000+ Seeds)
Amaranthus gangeticus

One of the most colorful amaranths, this stunning variety is grown for its bright, glowing crimson-maroon foliage. Quickly growing to 4' high, these are excellent plants for long-lasting fillers for beds or toward the back of your garden. The leaves are edible and also make great "cut flowers" to brighten indoor flower arrangements.
$ 3.95               More Information     

Amaranth 'Perfecta' (2,000+ Seeds)
Amaranthus tricolor

Want to add an explosion of colour to your garden - try these - its almost like having poinsettias growing in your garden! Vivid rich red, yellow and green 'flower' foliage make this specimen an eye-catching plant in anyone's garden.
$ 4.95               More Information     

Amaranth 'Pygmy Torch' (2,000+ Seeds)
Amaranthus hypochondriacus

Long-lasting, colorful, deep burgundy 12 inch tassel-like flower spikes make Pygmy Torch a real eye-catcher in your garden. Grow them in clumps in your flower beds or use them to add a bold color contrast to your container plants.
$ 3.95               More Information     

Angel's Trumpet 'White' (500+ Seeds)
Datura metel alba

Marvelously fragrant and exotic with its large 7" trumpet-like flowers, Angelís Trumpet is a fun and beautiful plant to grow. Most noticeable in evenings, its intoxicating fragrance emerge persistently throughout the spring, summer and fall.
$ 5.95          Unavailable      More Information

Apple of Peru (1,000+ Seeds)
Nicandra physalodes

Commonly referred to as the shoofly plant, this beautiful hardy annual from Peru will look very impressive in your garden or even grown as a large potted plant. It has stunning 2", bluish-purple flowers with a distinct white throat. Apple of Peru is a vigorous growing bushy plant that will reach its full height of a stocky 4 to 6 foot shrub when grown in full sun and moderately rich soil.
$ 4.95          Unavailable      More Information

 Results 1-10 of 84

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